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Rescuing Stray and Death Row Dogs from Municipal Shelters and Relocating them to Responsible Owners
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The Society for Companion Animals is serving a critical need in the North Texas community and throughout Texas by rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters and from the streets. Currently we are not accepting new shelters or organizations to work with. If you are an individual who has found or rescued an animal, or need to surrender your pet, please check with your local shelters, PetFinder, or other venues to place your animal. The Society for Companion Animals steps in to rescue these very adoptable but endangered dogs, transporting them to locations where there is a demand for adoptable animals. These dogs find loving homes. We have saved many animals whose time had run out, and the potential to save even more animals this year is great!

Crate Assembly for Dog Transport

Our own SFCA volunteer and supporter, Pamela Duffy, organized this McAfee community service day, and we’d like to thank her and everyone at McAfee for their efforts in helping us assemble crates and benefitting SFCA with their bake sale.

Our mission is to promote animal welfare and prevent cruelty to animals by:

The Society for Companion Animals has been actively rescuing dogs and cats from streets and shelters since its inception. Through our rescue efforts, hundreds of animals have been given a second chance and found wonderful homes. The Society for Companion Animals was certified as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization in 2005.

As the number of stray and unwanted dogs rises in Dallas, so does the need for adoptive homes. As economic issues take a toll on families, more and more owners are reluctantly making the decision to give up ownership, increasing the burden on the City. On average, more than 35,000 dogs and cats end up at the City of Dallas shelter and thousands more end up as strays on the streets.

To date, our success rate is 100 percent. Since the project started in June 2008, all Operation Transport dogs have been placed in permanent homes. By the end of 2012, we will have rescued 551 dogs and shipped them to cities in the northern part of the United States. In 2012 alone we rescued 361 dogs. The number of dogs saved is growing. With the community’s help, we continue to rise to the significant challenges that we face.

Through Operation Transport, hard to place dogs are also finding homes. Older dogs, larger dogs, and black dogs (which tend to be the hardest to place) are adopted in the cities that we partner with. Dogs available for adoption are carefully evaluated prior to adoption, which helps make lasting placements. The Hamptons in New York, Oakland, NJ, Middletown, NY, and Green Bay, WI currently take dogs from us.





Month after month, dozens of new success stories are being written as dogs find loving homes.

Society for Companion Animals has received extensive news coverage of our hard work and wonderful results. Our rescue efforts have been featured on CBS News prime time, NBC News, The Dallas Morning News and KRLD radio.



Society for Companion Animals uses American airline to ship rescue dogs to New York, Boston, Green Bay, WI, and New Jersey. American Airline has generously given Society for Companion Animals a special discount rate. In addition, Southwest Airlines has stepped in to help us to fulfill our mission, partnering with us to ship back to us the pet crates that we use to ship dogs to their new homes, at no cost. This allows us to reuse the crates and saves hundreds of dollars by not having to buy pet crates each time that we ship dogs out.

American Airlines ships a puppy for which we pay a cost of $107. We pay a cost of $110 for a small dog. A medium dog size cost is $112. A large dog size cost is $161. These prices are excellent and American Airlines has really helped us out on cost to transport the dogs.

It is the Society’s goal to rescue and ship 280 dogs in 2013. Dogs will be shipped a total of seven months.

Our budget:

Our costs to ship dogs from DFW Airport on American Airlines to receiving airports:

31 small dogs shipped per month = $3,410
8 medium-size dogs shipped per month = $1,160
1 large-size dog shipped per month =$175
Average shipping per month total = $4,745
7-month shipping total = $33,215

Boarding costs:

Boarding is critical due to saving the dogs out of the shelters or streets as quickly as possible. We pull from kill shelters where each dog's time is often up quickly. Shelters are always full and space is limited. In order to save the dogs' lives, we have to pull them and board each week. We also board at a location convenient for volunteers to pick up.

40 dogs per month, 4 days a week, for 7 months = $11,200 Medical costs: Average per 7 months = $5,000 Shelter dogs are susceptible to upper respiratory infections, kennel cough, and other illnesses that we must treat. For dogs pulled from the street, we must pay full medical costs.

Project total = $49,415

Thank you for your consideration of funding toward Operation Transport. Through this project, we are saving the lives of our four legged friends, and enriching the lives of their adoptive human families. Our hard work and commitment to this cause, combined with your assistance, could help us to save many more lives. Any amount of funding toward Operation Transport will be put toward saving the lives of animals, and every dollar that we receive goes directly toward shipping dogs to new homes. Please know that our need is crucial, and we would deeply value your partnership at any level.

If your schedule permits, I look forward to speaking with you about the work of Society for Companion Animals and answering any questions about the project.

Warm regards,

Tawana Couch
Founder and President for Society for Companion Animals

SFCA dogs rescued and sent to Animal Welfare Association in New Jersey for adoption

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